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Combat Training

Kelly is a lifetime Martial Artist. With over 20 years teaching and coaching experience in multiple combat disciplines. He is also a Krav Maga Expert (Black Belt) with Krav Maga Global, the world’s leading Krav Maga Organisation. And chief instructor and owner at Bristol Krav Maga.

Why do we offer Physical Training as a therapy?

We understand Mind, Body & Spirit are all connected, and that each area directly feeds into, and off the others.

Physical activity changes the chemistry in the brain which loads our system up with feel good chemicals, like endorphins & dopamine, that act as a catalyst for mentally health behaviour.

Being active will help to reduce anxiety, depression, and low mood. Not to mention help manage your weight, reduce the risk of disease, improve brain health & cognitive function, strengthen bones & muscles and improve your self-esteem, confidence and all round wellbeing.

How many times have you dragged yourself to the gym, feeling pretty unmotivated and gloomy, only to come out feeling so much better for the workout ?
And you don’t have to be an elite athlete, to harness this free superpower. Simply getting off the sofa, getting some fresh air and taking a brisk walk has the same effect of lowering anxiety, improving your mood, and putting you on the front foot for the day, breaking the cycle of negative thinking which only feeds low mood.

In short, positive action and activity results in a more positive outlook.

And the more positive you are, the better you feel. The better you feel, the more energy you have for life and so, exercise is a key element of managing your overall mental health.

“It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable” Socrates

There is a quiet calm & confidence that comes from knowing you are capable of protecting yourself and your loved ones.

Combat training specifically, will have a positive impact not only on your fitness but will hugely improve your self-esteem and confidence. You will notice that your body shape changes, you have more energy, and you sleep better too. Increased testosterone and libido are just a couple of added benefits along the way.

Ultimately, Men are still hard-wired as a providers and protectors and whilst we may not be fending off sabre toothed tigers, we are still blessed with that innate ability to utilise these physiological gifts and we should embrace them.

Learning a new and valuable life skill, is essential for your personal growth too. Getting out of your comfort zone, being a beginner, going through that initial period of not being great at something is so good for you on so many levels. Putting ego aside and committing to a journey and seeing yourself progress is just about as rewarding as it gets on a personal level
and just watch your self-esteem rocket as you feel more masculine, empowered, and confident.

And trust me, it doesn’t matter where you are right now in terms of fitness, ability or experience. Everyone has a starting point. I have worked with 100’s of people over the years and all I ask is that you give me your individual best so that week upon week we see a better version of you.

Progress over perfection all day long.

We can tailor a Body package to suit your individual needs.

The physical training sessions can be booked individually or as part of an overall treatment plan to include both Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching.

Whether you are brand new to this kind of training and looking for an introduction to Combat & Self Defence, or maybe you wish to focus on a specific area or enhance existing skills, we have you covered.

Just drop us a line to discuss your goals and together we will agree a plan to get your firing on all cylinders.

Some of the most popular options are listed below:-

+ Krav Maga
+ Weapon Defences – Knives, Sticks, Firearms, Improvised Weapons
+ Self-Defence – Psychology of Violence, De-Escalation Techniques, Law
+ 3rd Party Protection
+ Control & Restraint
+ Boxing
+ Kick Boxing
+ Grappling
+ Ground Fighting
+ Fighter Conditioning
+ Many more.

If there is something that is not on the list that you would like to discuss, please just drop me a line and I’ll be more than happy to have a chat.
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